Stone Coated Steel Roofing Tiles

Stone coated steel roofing tile is a new kind of roofing material. It takes Al-Zn alloy-coated steel plate, which has excellent corrosion resistance, as its substrate; It takes acrylic resin, which has strong weather resistance, as adhesive; It also takes colorful high sintering gravel as the surface.

Stone coated steel roofing tile has excellent decorative properties of traditional clay tile such as natural and vigorous. Meanwhile, its service performances are light, solid and durable. So, it becomes the mainstream of advanced roofing materials.

It has strong decoration performance and various colors: five basic types, 15 commonly used colors which can combine with each other freely so that it can highlight the users’ personality. It has obvious advantages of environmental protection and energy saving unlike traditional glazed tile/clay tile.

Stone coated steel roofing tile is suitable for buildings of all styles and structures: roofing construction of wooden structures, steel structures, and concrete structures; especially villas, upscale residential, large shopping malls, office buildings of libraries, museums, schools, hospitals, government offices, enterprises and institutions; as well as renovation of old roofing such as change a flat roof into a sloping roof etc.

  • Villas
  • Tourism scenic area buildings
  • Movable house
  • Shanghai Slop improvement
Color chart:

1. Guarantee period: 40-50 years.
2. Loading quantity: 8000-10000 pieces can be stored in a 20 feet cabinet.
3. The width of Al-Zn alloy-coated steel plate: 0.35mm ,0.38mm ,0.40mm, 0.42mm 0.50mm.
4. OEM: If the order is more than 10000 pieces, we can develop molds for customers as needed.
5. Delivery period: 20-25 days after receipt of deposit.
6. Payment: 1. Pay a deposit of 30% before production, and pay the rest 70% in one week after getting the copy of the bill of lading. 2. Sight letter of credit.