Storage of Aluminum Composite Panels
- Alushine aluminum composite panels are packed in either solid wooden crates or polymer plates.
- Do not store the aluminum panels for more than 6 months.
- Alushine aluminum composite sheets should not be exposed to any form of moisture during storage.
- Do not mix panels of the same color, but from different production batches during storage. - Prior to any processing steps, the panels should go through an intermediate storage for 24 hours at a temperature ranging from 18-20°C.
- For short term storage between two processing steps, we recommend laying polystyrene or foam wedges between the aluminum sheets.
- Unload crates using a forklift of sufficient loading capacity.
- Store the pallets stacked on top of one another.
- Do not store panels by standing them on end without proper support.
- The stacks must not be more than 6 pallets high of identical sizes.