General Information

To avoid possible reflection difference (for metallic colors and butler finish only), we recommend installing the panels in the same direction as marked on the protective film.

Batch identity
We strongly recommend that aluminum composite panel from the same production batch be used to achieve a uniform color shade.

Removal of protective film
We recommend removing the protective foil from sheets as soon as possible or within 45 days after the installation.
Otherwise the glue elements of protective film may remain on the surface of panel.

The pallets need to be handled carefully during transport and unloading, especially for the handling of large formats. The individual panels should only be lifted off the pallet by two people holding all four corners. The panels should not be dragged over each other. We recommend carrying the panels vertically and wearing gloves to avoid staining

We provide 3 kinds of packing way or loading suggestion for your choice. naked loading-simple polymer plate-stronger wooden pallet. you can choose the available packages to ship your aluminum composite panel.

Clean and Maintain
The frequency of cleaning depends largely on the design, location of the building, and the degree of dirtiness on the aluminum panels.
1. The aluminum composite panel is best cleaned using a soft, damp cloth. Water used should be about 20-30°C and mixed with a neutral detergent or minimal amount of soap.
2. The ACP’s surface is in danger of being scratched is cleaning is carried out with harsh cleaning tools.
3. Aluminum composite sheets should be cleaned either manually or using a special cleaning device from top to bottom.
4. After cleaning, the surface should be rinsed with cold water to remove any residue from cleaning materials.
5. Do not use powerful alkaline cleaning agents, such as potassium hydroxide, sodium carbonate, caustic soda, or other powerful acidic products/heavily abrasive scouring agents that will damage the lacquered surface.
6. We recommend cleaning the surface at least once a year after installation in order to maintain the finish.

1. Alushine panels are packed in either solid wooden crates or polymer plates.
2. Do not store the panels for more than 6 months.
3. Alushine panes should not be exposed to any form of moisture during storage.
4. Do not mix panels of the same color, but from different production batches during storage.
5. Prior to any processing steps, the panels should go through an intermediate storage for 24 hours at a temperature ranging from 18-20°C.
6. For short term storage between two processing steps, we recommend laying polystyrene or foam wedges between the aluminum sheets.
7. Unload crates using a forklift of sufficient loading capacity.
8. Store the pallets stacked on top of one another.
9. Do not store panels by standing them on end without proper support.
10. The stacks must not be more than 6 pallets high of identical sizes.