Control in Raw Material

ALUSHINE has always given great attention to maintaining a high level of quality control and customer service. We have very strict environment control system from raw materials to end products and all raw materials are supplied by well-know home and overseas suppliers. We have strict control of heavy metal content in raw materials.

Aluminum alloy
To make the composite panels, we use the aluminum alloy from Sulv Aluminum which is the aluminum alloy supplier over 50 years. And it’s also the aluminum alloy supplier of Chinese airplane equipment companies. Their aluminum alloys have great tensile strength and T-bend peculiarity, perfect flatness, and have reached the highest international standard.

The paints coated on our ACPs are supplied by BECKER,PPG in lines with KYNAR 500 standards. They deliver excellent corrosion resistance and weather resistance. With these excellent features, ALUSHINE products keep good appearance whatever they are in extremely hot or cold weather, even in heavy polluted area.

PE core
We use the low density polyethylene (LDPE) core which imported directly from USA, KOREA, MALAYSIA,TAIWAN, ITALY, All is 1st recycle plastic granule and it keeps very good density and T-bending characteristics. It comes with low degree of crystallization(45%-65%),small density(0.910-0.925), soft light, and anti-impact and anti-low temperature properties. All these would guarantee the composite panel quality we produce for you.

Adhesive film
The adhesive films are supplied by Liyuan Group. Liyuan has cooperated with DuPont for more than 12 years history. It is the first company to develop this material. It leads the industry from glue connection materials to high polymer materials.


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